What is Bene Praxis?

‘Bene Praxis’ means good practice in Latin.

Our work is built on the term ’praxis’ - the process by which a theory or skill is practised or realised. Historically, praxis has been defined as:

  • “thoughtful, practical doing” (Aristotle, 350 BC) and
  • “human togetherness” (Hannah Arendt, 1950s).

At Bene Praxis, we combine the art of doing projects with human togetherness and action-based change. This is our definition of good practice when leading change projects.


Wendy Smiles

Change Consultant and Director of Bene Praxis
MHSc, BAppSc, DipPM, DipBus

I am a born organiser, curious observer and creator of change. I lead projects with the purpose of successfully engaging people in organisational change.

My experience is that projects deliver better results when we plan collaboratively with the people who are impacted by the change. I have lived and worked on four continents and managed the chaos of change in multiple organisations of all sizes and cultures. These experiences give me clarity about what I love to do and how I can help your organisation.

I bring a strong foundation in human performance. My career began in occupational therapy which is based on the belief that all people can actively engage in life when we understand and adapt what is helping or hindering them. This inclusive framework combined with a bulging toolkit of change techniques and leadership experience is the backbone to the way I work with clients.

I started Bene Praxis to help individuals and organisations plan for success and embrace new ways of working that inspire long-lasting change.

Professional qualifications:

  • Master of Health Science (University of Sydney, Australia)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (La Trobe University, Australia)
  • Diploma of Project Management (Australian Institute of Management, Australia)
  • Diploma of Business (Aspin Consulting Company, Australia)
  • Change Management Certification (Prosci, United States)

I have also studied with the A.K.Rice Institute (USA) to understand how individuals and teams work or don't work together, sometimes unconsciously in ways that help or hinder the organisation and the desired change.

Are you looking for a practical, people focused approach to project success?